E-Newsletter - September 2022
Alliance Committee Recruitment



The Alliance Clinical Research Professionals (CRPCommittee is recruiting to replace three cadre CRP member positions and expand our ad hoc positions. The CRP Committee is committed to offering relevant training to Alliance CRPs. We work collaboratively with protocol development, the Alliance Statistics and Data Management Center (SDMC), Audit Committee, and other Alliance operations to improve how CRPs execute Alliance protocols at each site. We have recently designated three separate working groups of the CRP Committee: one to focus on planning Group meetings, one to focus on protocol review and case report form review, and another we're now adding to focus on developing education and training materials. 

\We are looking for individuals committed to oncology research with a minimum of two years of research experience to join the CRP Committee. The CRP Committee consists of a chair, vice-chair, 12 institutional cadre members, ad hoc members, and liaisons from Alliance operations, the SDMC, and other modality committees. CRP Committee members are assigned to one of the following areas of focus: 

  • Assisting in planning educational sessions for Alliance Group meetings
  • Protocol review and case report form review
  • Developing education and training materials

Minimum responsibilities of CRP Cadre and ad hoc members include but are not limited to:

  • Mandatory attendance at all Group and monthly committee meetings*
  • Provision of CRP perspective and expertise regarding study design and methods
  • Consistent engagement in an assigned CRP Committee area of focus
  • Collaboration across committees on projects, publications, educational initiatives, etc.

*Ad hoc committee members are not required to attend Alliance Group meetings in-person

Minimum qualifications for position include:

  • Employment at an Alliance institution
  • Demonstrated commitment to the Alliance and its mission
  • Minimum of two years’ experience working with research protocols within an Alliance legacy group 
  • Main employer will allow time to fulfill position requirements (documented via letter or e-mail). Anticipated time commitment two to four hours/month and two or three days traveling to Alliance meetings twice a year

How to Apply

Those interested in applying should submit a CV/resume, a letter of support from your institutional PI and supervisor indicating their approval of your participation and time commitment, and a one-page letter of interest to Jennifer Dill at Jennifer.dill@bjc.org with a copy to Trini Ajazi, tajazi@bsd.uchicago.edu by September 30, 2021. Your letter of interest should:

Include your area of expertise (clinical, education, administrative, research)

  • Be specific. For example, if you possess clinical expertise, describe your specific disease or modality-focus (breast cancer, prevention, symptom control, etc.)
  • Explain what contributions you will make to the committee




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