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The 2022 Alliance Fall Hybrid Group Meeting Book cover and internal design carry on our 10th anniversary’s celebratory theme, highlighting the location of our in-person meeting - Chicago! The meeting book is available on the Alliance member website. Click here.

What to expect

The Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology will convene the 2022 Alliance Fall Hybrid Group Meeting November 2-5.

The four-day meeting will host a variety of scientific and administrative sessions led by distinguished oncology researchers, clinical trial specialists, and administrators from across the country. It will showcase novel and innovative cancer control, prevention, and treatment trials conducted by investigators through a multidisciplinary academic and community research network, as part of the NCI National Clinical Trials Network (NCTN) and Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP).

All attendees must register in advance to attend the meeting and to gain virtual access to each Group meeting session. As a reminder, registrants must log in to the meeting website/app using the same credentials used to register to access and browse open sessions, view agendas and presentations, connect with other attendees, and more. Note: Closed sessions are by invitation only and information will not be visible on the website/app.  For meeting and registration questions, please e-mail AllianceTravel@bwh.harvard.edu.

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PLENARY SESSION :: Friday, November 4, 10 am-1 pm

Welcome and Announcements

Suzanne George, MD
Interim Group Chair
Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology


Olwen Hahn, MD
Director and Principal Invesitgator
Alliance Central Protocol Operations Program

Guest Lecturers

W. Fraser Symmans, MB.ChB.

Chair, Alliance Translational Research Program
Professor and Director of Research Operationbs, Department of Pathology
Professor of Translational Molecular Pathology
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center 

Evanthia Galanis, MD
Chair, Alliance Neuro-Oncology Committee
Professor of Oncology and Sandra J. Shulze Professor of Novel Therapeutics
Mayo Clinic Operations Program   

   Annual Awards

2022 Richard L. Schilsky Cancer and Leukemia Group B Achievement Award
Gini F. Fleming, MD

Professor of Medicine and Director
Gynecologic Oncology and Medical Oncology Breast Cancer Program
University of Chicago Medicine

The RLS CALGB Achievement Award was established in 2010 to recognize the 15-year tenure of Dr. Schilsky as Group Chair of Cancer and Leukemia Group B (CALGB). The award acknowledges the significant contributions of an individual to cooperative group research. An expert in breast and gynecological cancers, Gini F. Fleming, MD, is this year's award recipient. Dr. Fleming is a Professor of Medicine and Director of Gynecologic Oncology and Medical Oncology Breast Cancer Program at the University of Chicago Medicine. Her recent research examines novel therapeutics in breast, ovarian and endometrial cancers. She has led numerous phase III trials in endometrial cancer which led to the introduction of paclitaxel as standard therapy for the disease, and served as North American Co-Chair of an international breast cancer trial (Suppression of ovarian function trial - SOFT) that led to practice-changing results regarding the benefit of ovarian function suppression in the adjuvant therapy premenopausal women with breast cancer. She has authored and co-authored more than 100 articles for a variety of medical journals, in addition to a number of textbook chapters. In addition, Dr. Fleming has served as Director and Principal Investigator of the Alliance Central Protocol Operations Program and Chief Scientific Officer for Alliance Foundation Trials, LLC.


21st ANNUAL JIMMIE HOLLAND LECTURE :: Saturday, November 5 | 10 am-11 am

“Sexuality, Cancer, and the Human Experience: Acknowledgment to Recovery”
Don S. Dizon, MD, FACP, FASCO
Director, Pelvic Malignancies Program and Hematology-Oncology Outpatient Clinics, Lifespan Cancer Institute
Director of Medical Oncology, Rhode Island Hospital
Founder, Oncology Sexual Health First Responders Program

Sponsored by the Alliance Health Outcomes Committee, the Jimmie Holland Lecture was established to honor Dr. Holland’s contributions to the field of psycho-oncology in the CALGB/Alliance. Those receiving this honor have demonstrated notable contributions in psycho-oncology, contributing to Dr. Holland’s legacy. Don S. Dizon, MD, FACP, FASCO, is the recipient of this year’s award. Dr. Dizon is a Professor of Medicine at Brown University, Director of the Breast and Pelvic Malignancies Program and Hematology-Oncology Outpatient Clinics at Lifespan Cancer Institute, and Director of Medical Oncology and the Oncology Sexual Health First Responders Clinic at Rhode Island Hospital. As a medical oncologist, he specializes in the care of women's cancers and the sexual health of cancer survivors, and is an expert in psycho-oncology. In addition to his clinical duties, Dr. Dizon co-chairs the Cervical Cancer Task Force for the NCI Gynecologic Cancer Steering Committee. He is also prolific on social media and maintains online columns for ASCO and for the journal, The Oncologist. In 2017, he collaborated with colleagues across the United States and founded the Collaboration for Outcomes using Social Media in Oncology.


The Clinical Research Professionals (CRP) Orientation (Wednesday, November 2 | 1 pm-3 pm) is targeted to CRPs, including data managers, clinical research coordinators, regulatory coordinators, and research nurses, within their first 18 months of oncology research or their first 18 months of affiliation with Alliance trials.  This session provides an opportunity to learn about the Alliance organizational structure, the Alliance protocol template, eligibility check best practices, and CRP resources on the Alliance website. Alliance CRP Breakout Sessions complement the information provided in the orientation session.

:: CRP Breakout: Data Management Tips to Avoid Common Errors (Wednesday, November 2 | 3:30 pm-4:30 pm)
Presented by Alliance Statistics and Data Management Center (SDMC), this session is designed for CRPs completing Rave data for any study and will focus on data completion, tips for avoiding common data errors including AE reporting and baseline data tips. 

:: CRP Breakout: BioMS & Specimen Collection DOs and DON’Ts (Wednesday, November 2 | 5 pm-6:30 pm) 
Learn about BioMS Sample submission entries from Amy Brink, Clinical Informaticist from the BioMS Application Support Team, and Chris Manring, MBA, LSSGB, Assistant Director of the Leukemia Tissue Band and Alliance HEBE Biorepository. Through a lively presentation, presenters will walk through tips to avoid common pitfalls when entering samples in BioMS, and will review common specimen collection, shipment and packaging errors to avoid.

The CRP Information Session (Thursday, November 3 | 12:30 pm-3 pm) will provide information to CRPs, including clinical research coordinators, data managers, regulatory coordinators, and research nurses, about Alliance updates and resources. Presentations will include:

  • Results from the COVID-19 Database Data Collection
  • Aurora, NCI’s new electronic and centralized agent inventory management system present by CTEP’s Pharmaceutical Management Branch
  • Alliance Protocol Office Updates from Trini Ajazi, MM, Alliance Chief Operating Officer
  • Alliance A032101 (prostate cancer trial) presented by Study Chair Atish Choudhury, MD, PhD
  • CTSU Updates including details about ID.me and troubleshooting tips on the required identity proofing and multifactor authentication application
  • Alliance Statistics and Data Management Center Update from Jenny Darcy, Director, Alliance SDMC Data Coordination Unit

The CRP Education Session (Friday, November 4 | 8 am-10 am) will include overviews of Alliance A121202 (MCED Biobank Study) by Study Chair Marie Wood, MD; Alliance A091903 (Resected Mucosal Melanoma Study) by Study Chair Alexander Shoushtari, MD; and Alliance A022001 (Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors Study) by Study Chair Timothy Hobday, MD, along with a presentation on Clinical Research Professionals (CRP) Attitudes towards ePRO by Youmin Cho, MSN, RN, AGPCNP-BC, PhD Candidate.

:: CRP Breakout: Onboarding New Staff (Friday, November 4 | 1 pm-2 pm)
This session will discuss strategies to onboard new staff presented by Betsy Barnick, MHS, CCRP; Terah Hardcastle, MS; and Katie Lemos, MPH. Discussion will focus on successful onboarding processes and strategies, available resources, and a checklistsfor onboarding new CRPs.

:: CRP Breakout: SAE Integration: Tips for Reporting SAEs through RAVE (Friday, November 4 | 2:30 pm -3:30 pm)
Kristina Lauman will walk through successful processes and helpful tips for reporting SAEs through RAVE.

:: CRP Breakout: Regulatory Overview (Friday, November 4 | 4 pm-5 pm)
This session will offer background into the purpose and goals of regulatory regulations.  Erin Lynch, MS, CCRP and Jamie Crow, MS, MBA, MHA, CCRP will explain how regulatory affairs the backbone of research and why regulatory affairs is critical to research operations. 

:: CRP Breakout: Power Round! Highlighting Tools for Onboarding New Staff and Strategies of Strong Research Programs (Friday, November 4 | 5:30 pm-6:30 pm)
This interactive, discussion-based session will not be a repeat of the 1 pm session. This session will provide additional resources for onboarding new staff and creating and maintaining a strong research program and will also dig deeper into various processes of managing clinical trials.


Oncology Nursing Education Session :: 
Thursday, November 3 | 9 am-11 am
This interactive session will feature three talks on antibody-drug conjugates (ADC - considered one of the fastest growing anticancer drugs), and the upcoming NCI MyeloMATCH and Optum-ICE trials. In addition, Alliance Oncology Nursing Research Education Taskforce members will discuss updates on upcoming research educational training activities.

Oncology Nursing/CRP Open Forum :: Thursday, November 3 | 11 am-12 pm
Calling all CRPs and Research Nurses to attend this open forum to discuss changes in oncology research, challenges.  This is an opportunity to find out how other sites are addressing challenges and to share with how your site is handling recent changes in oncology research.


AUDIT WORKSHOP :: Thursday, November 3 | 5:30 pm-8:30 pm
Alliance Audit Committee Chair Scott Okuno, MD, and Audit Program Director Kurombi Wade-Oliver, CCRP, will present an overview of audit resources and the Alliance audit program. Discussion topics will include the PI perspective on participating in audits, regulatory requirements for audits and drug accountability, how to prepare for an audit, how to appropriately tag medical records, evaluate the results from an audit report, and write a corrective action plan.


Thursday, November 3
9 am-10 am :: AFT-25 COMET
11 am-12 pm :: AFT-38 PATINA
11:30 am-12:30 pm :: AFT-50 EndoMAP
12 pm-1 pm :: AFT-58 HARMONIA
3 pm-4 pm :: AFT-19 and AFT-4
3 pm-4:30 pm :: Alliance Foundation Trials (AFT) Overview and Updates*

Friday, November 4
1 pm-2 pm :: AFT Myeloma and Lymphoma Studies
2 pm-3 pm :: AFT-63 and AFT-64: DELFI-L101 and DELFI-L20

(Sessions are closed to Alliance members only; except where * noted)



RN, OCN, ARNP - ONA Credit - The Ohio Nurses Association (ONA) is the largest approver unit of CE credit in the country, accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation. To receive ONA credit, attendees must complete a required survey e-mailed to them after the meeting.

CCRP - SoCRA Credit - The Society of Clinical Research Associates (SoCRA) provides training, continuing education, and an internationally recognized certification program that promotes quality clinical research to protect the welfare of research participants and improve global health. To receive SoCRA credit, attendees must complete a required survey e-mailed to them after the meeting.

For more information about continuing education credits, contact Matt Corso (Alliance Training and Adminsitrative Program Specialist) at mcorso@alliancenctn.org


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