E-Newsletter - March 2024
Message From The Group Statistician

It gives me immense joy to write this section every year highlighting the Alliance Statistics and Data Management Center's (SDMC) notable achievements, and excellence. 2023 was yet another remarkable year for the Alliance SDMC (highlights below). In addition to significant scientific output, partnership and excellence, the Alliance SDMC embarked on an organizational restructuring to increase our operational efficiency and stability. Every member of the Alliance SDMC is deeply committed to the Alliance science, bringing forward excellence, and innovation in the design, conduct, systems infrastructure, and data collection on every Alliance trial. We remain grateful for the opportunities and collaborations that enable us to help patients with cancer.

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The Alliance SDMC wishes everyone a healthy, and peaceful 2024.




Sumithra J. Mandrekar
Alliance Group Statistician

On behalf of the Alliance SDMC leadership team:
Associate Group Statisticians: Drs. Ann Oberg (Alliance) and Karla Ballman (AFT)
Director of Statistics: Dr. Xiaofei Wang
Director of Computational Genomics and Bioinformatics: Dr. Ann Oberg
Director of Information Systems: Brad Andersen
Co-Directors of Systems Integrations and Support: Cassie Cherevko, and Shauna Hillman
Co-Directors of Data Collection and Management: Bobbi Jo Meyers and TBD
AFT Operational Leadership: Carrie Olson and Ashton Andersen-Parks
Program Manager: Kristina Laumann
Senior Program Coordinators: Tiffany Schafer, and Kris Nunez


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