In Memoriam: jimmie c. holland, md
pioneer in the field of psycho-oncology

Jimmie C. Holland, MD, a pioneer in the field of psycho-oncology, died December 25. She was healthy and active up to the day of her passing, at the age of 89. So few individuals can be credited with changing cancer care world wide, and Dr. Holland was one of them. Those of us in the Alliance are so very fortunate that she was among the founders of our group.

Dr. Holland established the field of psycho-oncology as a discipline dedicated to caring for the whole cancer patient: psychological, physical, social, and environmental. Her presence as a leader and mentor, first in CALGB and then Alliance, contributed a new generation of cancer researchers and clinicians who work to understand the psychological responses of cancer patients to their disease and its treatment, and to address the behavioral and social factors that influence patient well-being. This field has led to transformational improvements in our ability to ease the burdens associated with a cancer diagnosis, and to achieve better treatment outcomes overall.
Dr. Holland's contributions to Alliance are memorialized by the Jimmie Holland Lecture, which is given each fall during the Alliance Group Meeting. Those receiving this honor are leaders in the field that Jimmie pioneered, and will continue to inspire us by demonstrating the great contributions of her legacy.

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