E-News - 2018 Alliance Spring Group Meeting


Alliance health Disparities Committee to host session
on disparities and genetic ancestry






                Rebbeck                             Thompson                              Hampel

The Alliance Health Disparities Committee will host a dynamic session that will examine disparities related to genetic ancestry entitled The Value of Genetic Ancestry in Understanding Cancer Health Disparities. Speakers will include Timothy R. Rebbeck, PhD, Harvard University, Chan School of Public Health; Beti Thompson, PhD, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center; and Heather Hampel, MS, LGC, Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center. Topics will include the value of using ancestral information markers; the importance of self-reported race and ethnicity; insight into genetic testing and counseling in minority populations; and the NCI-MATCH clinical trial which utilizes information from the genetic testing of tumors to determine treatment. The session will also include an interactive panel discussion with additional speakers, along with two Alliance Patient Advocates.

This session will be submitted to ONA for nursing credit, and will receive 2.0 SOCRA/A-CRP credits for attendance.