E-Announcement - January 2024
Abstract Submissions




2024 Alliance/AFT ASCO Submission Deadlines

The 2024 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting will take place May 31-June 4 in Chicago, IL. The ASCO abstract submission deadline is February 6, 2024

The Alliance submission deadline is January 23, 2024.

All draft abstracts from the Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology and Alliance Foundation Trials must be submitted to Publications@AllianceNCTN.org for Alliance Group Review. Independent submission of work related to the Alliance without this proper review is not appropriate. The draft submitted for Group Review must have been reviewed and approved by all authors.

The deadline is firm, and required to ensure time for central review of content, as well as review of author lists. Adherence to this deadline will assure sufficient time for the each lead investigator to submit to the conference.

Abstract Content Requirements
An Alliance abstract should contain the following information:

Study Number(s)
-- For an Alliance study X, the study number should appear in the title as "Alliance X"
-- For a legacy study, the study number should appear in the title as "[Legacy Group Name] X (Alliance)" (e.g., "CALGB 40101 (Alliance)")
-- If multiple studies are involved and the title cannot accommodate all of the numbers, the study numbers must appear in the text of the abstract  

-- The Alliance statistician must appear in the list of authors, usually as second author.
-- Authorship based on accrual is assigned by the publications coordinator according to algorithms in the Alliance Publications Guidelines, and will be communicated to the first author after receipt of the abstract for Group Review.
-- The abstract must contain the institutional affiliation, city, and state for each author. Affiliations for Alliance statisticians should include "Alliance Statistics and Data Center" followed by their institution, city, and state.
-- The name and contact information of the corresponding author must be included.

Accepted Abstracts
The author should send the publications coordinator the acceptance notification and final accepted abstract within one (1) week after hearing from the meeting or association. Note: If the meeting sponsor requires the authors to submit a manuscript by the time of the meeting or another specified date, it is authors’ responsibility to notify us promptly of this obligation and make arrangements to ensure we can accommodate a timely review.

For more information about the Alliance Publications Policy, click here

Or to contact the Alliance Publications Coordinator, e-mail Publications@AllianceNCTN.org.